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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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OZ-DC 800mg


Use in your own home, and a range of other spaces, to purify the air for you and your family, for added protection against viruses and other hazards. Bacteria can accumulate and cause great harm, and moulds can poison the body for years after exposure.

This level of ozonator is suitable to be used in spaces that you habitually use, without fear of any over-saturation while you are in the space.

For all of the following spaces, and more :

Hotels, Motels, Rest Homes, Doctor's Rooms, Dentist's Rooms, Gyms, Health Centres, Health Clubs, Offices, Vehicles, and many more . Experience the healthful benefits for yourselves, and your staff, of keeping toxins out of the air. Production increases , with less staff sick days.

Promote your business, with the advantage for your clients of the added benefits of entering your 'clean' air space.


1. Built-in air pump, with the ozone created within a corona discharge ozone generator tube.

2. Metal shell with plastic spray coat, and inside parts use non-rust and non-corrosive materials.

3. Includes a stable transformer, so can work with 110/220VAC (converts to 12VDC by itself).

4. Can directly work with 12VDC power supply or an external battery.

5. Comes with a car power source for car air disinfection and removal of all bacteria, toxins and odours.

6. Has a smart timer with two options: 0~60 minutes or continuously working.

7. Controls: Power indicator, Ozone indicator, Timer, On/Off switch.

Price is AUD$233.20 including Gst.

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