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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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Tank Ozonator - Whole Tank


The TD-Series is a new generation of compact Corona Discharge Ozone generators suitable for disinfection and purification of:

Rain/Roof Water Tanks


Water Features

Nutrient Tanks

Aquaculture use

The TD Tank Ozonator is a complete advanced ozone treatment system, engineered to produce high levels of dissolved ozone in the water to meet a range of tank disinfection and purification needs, leaving you with safe, drinkable, and fresh-tasting water.

Ready built for easy connection to a water tank, the sapce-efficient wall-mount unit is pre-plumbed, pre-wired and comes already housed in an aluminium powder coated housing.

The system comes with Plug & Play installation instructions in an easy-to-follow block diagram. Site your ozonator as per the diagram, drop the diffuser into the tank, and ylour ozonator is ready to begin purifying your water to superior health and safety standards.

The TD Tank Ozonator will kill Coliform and Faecal bacteria, among many other toxic substances you do not want in your drinking water.

As well as destroying toxins, bacteria, and much much more,  your unit will remove odours, and as another bonus, it will freshen up the water with oxygen, which is another health benefit of tthe use of ozone.

You can be assured that premium quality materials are used throughout the manufacture of the TD Tank Ozonator s, giving longer life, clean ozone, and the most efficient operation our years of experience can provide.

The unit contains a Ceramic, Low Maintenance Corona Discharge Ozone Generator, an Air Pump, and a high efficiency Ceramic Diffuser. It is robust and easy to install, and will give years of service with the minimum of attention.


Ozone is completely natural with no harmful by-products.


Ozone is known to kill bacteria much faster than Chlorine.(3,000 times)


Micro-organisms do not build up a tolerance to ozone.


It quickly destroys bacteria and viruses.


As a strong oxidant it removes organics, algae, colour, taste and odour problems.




The unit pumps ozone into the storage tank, purifies and disinfects it , and enriches it with

oxygen, giving you added health benefits.

Unlike ‘point treatment’ systems such as UV, this system treats the water continuously.



Technical Data:


Ozone Generator Production on dry air - TD1005 model = 1,000 mg/m3, TD2005 model = 2,000 mg/m3.


Air Pump - 25 psi, 10 LPB, 150 w.


Ozone Diffuser - PVC with ceramic diffuser, 1/4" S/S hose tail.


Outlet Adaptor - 1/4" barb.


Power - 230 Vac, 0.5A.


Weight (kg) - 9


Dimensions H x W x D (mm) - 350 x 300 x 160


Optimum Operating Conditions - 0-35degC (non-condensing) 75% R. H.


Supply Voltag e - 220-240Vac / 50Hz


Power Inlet - NZ/AUS style 10A power cord, L = 1.8m.


Warranty - One year back to factory.

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