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Ozone For Health

Energise, Invigorate, Cleanse, and Deodorise your home and workplace with pure,chemical-free Ozone.

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Odour Boy


The Odour Boy is a state-of -the-art, high-quality machine, generating Ozone , and Anions (Negative Ions) , which can be switched on together, or separately.

Ozone is made from the oxygen in the air, binding in a third oxygen molecule, and so becoming O3, nature's most effective chemical-free way of dealing with toxins. This third molecule quickly breaks away, and binds with, and eliminates, viruses, bacteria, moulds, mildew, and odours of many kinds .

While Ozone binds with, and removes, hazards in the air, the Anions , or Negative Ions , provide added benefits for the respiratory, cardiovascular, nerve, and immune systems. They are particularly effective in relieving symptoms of hay fever, and bronchial asthma.

Negative Ions are found in high levels in nature, by beaches, forests, and mountains. Pollution destroys negative ions, and leaves high concentrations of positive ions in polluted areas, with adverse effects on health.

With a 60 litre/hour ozone flow , and automatic timers switching on and off, this machine is suited to continuous use in human-occupied spaces, to provide a healthy atmosphere for residents, staff, and clients alike.

Use in your own home to purify the air for you and your family, for added protection against viruses and other hazards. Bacteria can accumulate and cause great harm, and moulds can poison the body for years after exposure.

A visit to your home will be as healthful as a walk on the beach, where ozone is naturally being released in the breaking waves.

For all of the following spaces, and more :

Hotels, Motels, Rest Homes, Doctor's Rooms, Dentist's Rooms, Gyms, Health Centres, Health Clubs, Offices, and many more . Experience the healthful benefits for yourselves, and your staff, of keeping toxins out of the air. Production increases , with less staff sick days.

Promote your business, with the advantage for your clients of the added benefits of entering your 'clean' air space.

Try before you buy, by hiring a unit, to be convinced of the health benefits for yourself.

HIRE : NZ$29.50 per week. NZ Only.

BUY : NZ$255.00 + Gst.

Technical Data :

Ozone Production : 6,000 ppm.

Ion Production : Not Specified.

Air Flow Rate : 1 lpm.

Size L x W x H : 200 x 160 x 65mm.

Electrical : 10W/100-230V.

Weight : 700g.

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